Episode 1: So how did we get here?

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Listen with headphones

‘How did we get here?’ Composed by Nathan Gernetzky (Breaking waves recorded at Queensbury Bay)


‘How did we get here?’ watercolour on paper by Jo Gernetzky


12 thoughts on “Episode 1: So how did we get here?

  1. A fellow Cornerstonian introduced me to this today…I had no idea. Your writing is beautiful Nathan, and I can’t wait to read the rest….it’s like a gift waiting to be ripped open.


  2. Just properly diving into this now, although i’ve read a tad and supported from afar. Listening to the waves from queesbury bay… It’s hard not to remember My Great Uncle Brian. my namesake. who my father, cousin, myself, my nephew and my son were named after. ‘Brian’ Estment Burgess, ‘Brian’ Terrence Burgess, ‘Brian’ Jonathan Burgess, ‘Brian’Nicholas Lubin and ‘Brian’ Judah Burgess my son. The original Brian born in pretoria was on holiday in east london. with his family circa 1930 when Brian swam out to save a drowning girl, The girl was saved and My Great uncle Brian drown instead. It was spoken over him that he would be a minister and he did receive a book for his perfect sunday school attendance at was likely a Presbyterian church in Pretoria. His scottish mother my great grandmother was not in favor of the idea…probably due to members from her childhood in Cromarty, Scotland on the black isle…. Brian died in east london to be washed up on the shore the next morning. His brother Dennis pounded the sand and became estranged from God that day. Dennis named his son Brian…who through missionaries in Durban, gave his life to Jesus and my father… “Brian” ended up being The Brian to became a minister…in1960 and he still is to this day. That is our connection to Sea at East London. .I too am a minister…Brian Jonathan Burgess.

    ps. Dennis, my grandfather did reconcile with God and asked Jesus into his life many years later over looking the Mount of Olives in Isreal on a trip there with Charles Gordan from Church of the Good Shepard – Durban..
    pss. forgive my typos and writing in general


  3. Hi Nathe. Katie and I sat tonight and read this first story of yours together. You simply write beautifully – and it seriously struck a chord with our own story/ies and life/s! So good to stop the frenetic busy-ness and reading something real and substantial (with an emotive soundtrack to boot) leaves us feeling full and satisfied.

    We are going to read one chapter every evening. Let me see, one chapter a night means we’ll be finished in a week – please keep writing 🙂

    All our love. Katie and Frans from the Land of the Long White Cloud


  4. Nathan.My children go to Cornerstone Bedfordvie

    w. We listened to your preaching at their church last night because they had missed Sunday. (My daughter is heavily pregnant.)and were totally blessed.My husband Charles Paine and I go way back with your folks.
    I am blown away by what you and Joanne are doing here.Cant wait for the rest.


    1. Wow Wendy! Thank you for the encouragement. I am glad the talk from Sunday and our journey is a blessing to you and the family! Feel free to share our blog out. Thank you


  5. Thank you both. Inspiring and truthful. It is the fear of oneself, the fear of facing our fears that often holds us back. How can we be if we can not be truthful to ourselves. Love the 3 mediums too. Beautiful painting.


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