Episode 4: My first surfboard was a Lightning Bolt

‘Love’s as hard as nails, Love is nails: Blunt, thick, hammered through the medial nerves of one who, having made us, knew the thing he had done, seeing (with all that is) our cross, and His’ 
From the poem ‘Love’s as warm as tears’ by C.S. Lewis

The day finally arrived when my dad picked me up after school and took me to ‘Surf Centre’ – the local surf shop right in the heart of Cape Town’s central business district. We had spoken about this day for months. I had proven myself to be truly committed to this sport and after many failed sessions on borrowed boards, some barely resined back together cloth and prayer or loaned to me from friends with older brothers. I had shown that I was ready to become the proud owner of my very first surfboard. Although second hand. To me it was to become my most valuable earthly possession. 

Listen with headphones 

‘My first surfboard was a lightning bolt (80s Mix)’ Composed and DJ’d by Nathan Gernetzky


‘My first surfboard was a Lightning Bolt’  sketch and watercolour on paper by Jo Gernetzky

Episode 4

6 thoughts on “Episode 4: My first surfboard was a Lightning Bolt

  1. Surf Centre? There was one in Durbs with a pink “surf center” logo that may have been the shop I later met Kelly Slater in when he was there for the Gunston in 1992. Lightening bolt board fresh out of a durban shaping shop…and I have to ask… Peter Daniels? Spider Murphy?


      1. “surf centre not being nearly as important as the story you shared and it’s applicable points. It was for good reason i felt weird for commenting before reading the rest of the post. Now that I have….wow man. what an experience, what a revelation that came through it. Very happy Sam is ok! We’ve been in “children’s hospital” a lot lately. I’m challenged to look at my family closer and with more thankfulness than before! So thank you. Oh and Muizenberg…my one and only Capetown surf spots! My nephew on his way there in January for his DTS w/YWAM. jb


  2. It would really be nice if I could print this and share it with some lost young Souls is there anyway I could print this.
    Old Surfer Dude Stuart Florida
    Peace love and happiness my friend


    1. Greeting Kevin. Thank you for the message. We plan to release a print version at the end of the year so for now you are welcome to copy and paste into a word doc for the guys. Please just include author and website


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