Episode 6: Home

“Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15
“Christopher?” Pooh said, looking up at Christopher as they walked hand in hand. “You aren’t coming back, are you?” A.A. Milne

My body hit the reef hard as I was rolled over and over by the surging ocean. The ten-foot leash between my right foot and surfboard was stretched tight as I was pressed to the bottom as my board tomb-stoned with about three feet of it sticking out of the water. My unconscious body continued to find itself as the guest at my wedding-day hallucination some fifteen feet below the surface.


‘Home’  sketch and water-colour on paper by Jo Gernetzky


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11 thoughts on “Episode 6: Home

  1. Thanks for sharing Nathan. I felt challenged in my heart and faith in God as you guided me through your journey of sorrow, pain and fear and yet your love for God, your trust in Him bears testimony of his faithfulness where so often and naturally we tend to lean on our own understanding. You write beautifully, and I pray our Lord Jesus will continue to inspire you to write more.


  2. Amen , brother, amen. Jo, I don’t know how many people have responded to your story with an amen? “It is so.” One of its meanings. I found myself reading and reciting that word in so many places. I cannot begin to tell you how similar our stories are. Your words bring to life the waters you and Diane have waded through. “wanna be big wave surfer.” My friend, as far as I am concerned, you’ve ridden the biggest wave of all, and your still on the board. Keep surfing.

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  3. I was crying as I finished reading this part of your story as I remembered the Facebook appeals for prayer in early 2011. You honour her memory in such an amazing way.
    I remember when you came on holiday with Kyra to Carmel.
    Thank you for being vulnerable in sharing your raw emotions with us. It is both humbling and refreshing. We wrestle with God and that battle is often hidden and unseen. You write in such a real way and I appreciate your (Diane and Nathan)(Jo and Nathan) story as more than just a story but a life lived and continued to be lived with raw faith and trust.
    Thank you.


  4. So absolutely beautiful. I pray this becomes a book for all others in this situation. Your life has been a picture of God’s grace and mercy and I have been drawn to your story and the miraculous power of God. Thank you for sharing your story so poignantly and I know many tears were shed in the writing of this.


    1. What a privilege and honour to have known beautiful Diane . Thank you Nathan for sharing your journey this far . The rawness, depths, honesty , beauty , grateful and love is next level. Love to Jo and the children xxxxxx


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